NAB’s Consecutive Fixed-Rate Home Loan Hikes: What Does It Mean for Borrowers?


The National Australia Bank (NAB), one of the ‘Big Four’ banks in Australia, recently raised fixed-rate interest for owner-occupiers and investors by up to 0.20 percentage points for the second week running. This culminates in some rates climbing by a substantial 0.50 percentage points in just eight days.

A close observation of NAB’s actions reflects a broader trend in the market. According to’s research, 77 lenders raised at least one fixed rate in the last month. It’s crucial for potential borrowers to monitor these shifts in the financial landscape, as they could significantly affect the cost of borrowing.

Despite the spike in fixed rates, RateCity’s research director suggests that borrowers might find more value in variable rates over fixed rates, especially given the recent interest rate trends. Furthermore, NAB’s three-year fixed option now stands at par with Ubank at 6.39%, reflecting the competitive nature of the market.

Moreover, it’s interesting to note that despite these fixed rate hikes by larger banks, smaller financial institutions like the Australian Mutual Bank still lead the pack in offering competitive rates for two and three-year fixed loans.

Looking back, we see that NAB also decreased its fixed home loan rates earlier, with the highest cuts on three-year terms for owner-occupiers and investors. Such fluctuating interest rates highlight the dynamic nature of the market and emphasize the importance of borrowers staying informed.

In summary, with predictions suggesting more rate rises ahead, potential borrowers need to remain vigilant. Shopping around for competitive rates and weighing fixed and variable rate options in light of personal finances and lifestyle should be a key consideration for all prospective home buyers.

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