Requested Documents

To make your application quick and easy, we recommend your prepare the below documents prior to submitting loan enquiry or meeting with one of our Freedom Lend consultants. Please provide the following documentation:

Proof of Identity

Freedom Lend requires photographic identification and 100 points of identification.

At least one of the following:
Driver’s License 40 Points
Australian Passport 70 Points
Secondary documents for 100 points
Birth Certificate 40 Points
Citizenship Certificate 70 Points
Pension/Health Care/Medicare Card issued by Centrelink 25 Points
Rates Notice issued by a local government body
within last 3 months
35 Points
Records of public utility, phone, water, gas or electricity 25 Points

Your Income

To determine if you are able to service your application for loan, we review your income by looking through the following requirements.

  • Two of the three most recent computer generated pay slips or 3 months statements from financial institution showing regular salary credits with name of employer evident plus:
  • Group Certificate for the most recent year, or
  • Tax Return and assessment Notice for the most recent year
Self Employed
  • Tax Returns for the past 2 years for both individuals and all business entities
  • 2 years Full Financial statements for all business entities, to include profit and loss and balance sheet
  • 2 years Personal Tax Assessment Notices

Your Property

Whether purchasing a new home or refinancing an existing loan, we ask for details regarding bank accounts and particulars involving your property.

New Purchase
  • Fully executed purchase contract
  • 3 months savings history – evidenced by bank statements (if applicable)
  • 3 month statements of all credit cards
  • 3 months statements of all bank accounts
  • Evidence of funds to complete e.g. bank statements, sale contracts, statutory declarations for gifts
  • First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) application form (if applicable)
  • 6 months current loan statements on loan to be refinanced
  • 3 month statements of all credit cards
  • 3 months statements of all bank accounts
  • Recent Council Rates Notice
  • Discharge Authority
Rental Income

Your investment property can be used as an additional form of income. Provide us with:

  • Current rental/tenancy agreement or Copy of rental statement(s) from managing agent or if a purchase managing agent estimated minimum rental income

For all construction loans, we require:

  • Building contract or tender & draft council plan/specification